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I Want To Do CoolSculpting.. Does It Really Work?

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the number one procedure worldwide when it comes to non-invasive liposuction. Unfortunately we all have those stubborn areas that just don't budge when it comes to exercise at the gym, or the excessive dieting. The other issue is, we really don't have any control over where our body deposits the fat. You are born with millions of subcutaneous fat cells, and whats even better is that when those subcutaneous fat cells are permanently destroyed and removed through your lymphatic system... thats it! They're gone! Your body will never reproduce new subcutaneous fat cells. And CoolSculpting just does that. Its permanently destroying your subcutaneous fat cells with its freezing technology. When you're fat cells are being held at such a cold temperature for a period of time the fat cells go into a bit of a shock, within the first few weeks when the fat cells essentially "wake up" from the frozen incubation period, your body realizes that those fat cells can no longer live under the climate they endured, the adipocytes move in and break down the fat cell walls and the process of elimination begins! Within 60-90 days you'll begin to see a circumferential difference in the areas treated by CoolSculpting, and the fat cells are being broken down naturally, and through your lymphatic system.

To learn more and to find out if you're a CoolSculpting and to see if you're a candidate, please book your complimentary consultation at Perfect 57 Medspa.