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PRP-SHOT: Sexual Rejuvenation

This treatment is all about giving women and men more confidence and restoring sexual function. The PRP-SHOT is a treatment that uses your body's own platelets, cells that form new tissues, to rejuvenate your erogenous areas and sexual function. PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, has been hugely popular and successful for many years in both sports medicine, for improved healing of injuries, as well as in the appearance medicine field, for rejuvenating skin and hair, popularised by the 'Vampire Facelift'. Now this natural, breakthrough treatment is available in NZ for application in sexual enhancement by treating the erogenous areas.

Increase your sexual desire and enhance your sexual experience and feeling.

The PRP-SHOT treats female sexual disorder (difficulty getting aroused), female orgasmic disorder (difficulty climaxing) and hypoactive sexual desire (low desire). It has also shown to be effective in treating physical conditions such as urinary incontinence and dyspareunia (pain during sex), both of which can be caused by child birth, menopause, or can also arise as part of the natural ageing process. Research shows that only 14% of women ever talk to their doctor about sex, even though 48% of women are concerned about their sexual function.

The PRP-SHOT also treats male erectile dysfunction, giving increases in size and hardness. It also treats Peyronies disease (shape disorders leading to pain) and improves sensation for clients after a prostatectomy.

Here's how it works: A small amount of blood is taken and spun in special matrix tubes in a centrifuge to collect the concentrated platelets, one of the three main cell types found in the blood. This is called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. These cells act as 'first responders', immediately traveling to any site in the body that needs repair. Once activated, they direct a healing response by releasing growth and regeneration factors. One of their most important effects is to cause a rapid increase in stem cells, which can then be transformed into any of the types of tissues that are needed for repair and rejuvenation. PRP has been used in sports and appearance medicine for the last two decades, and is also one of the techniques used in natural approaches to facial rejuvenation, as in Kim Kardashian's famous online sharing of her 'vampire facelift'. The PRP-SHOT is a simple, office-based procedure, where a patient's own Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into the vagina, clitoris and G spot in women, and into various places in the penis in men. Numbing cream is applied prior to the use of extremely thin needles for injections, meaning a painless experience for both men and women.

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