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Bioidentical Hormones: Capsules, Creams, Pellets Which Is Best?

Bioidentical hormone therapy has become common today as both women and men are realizing its many benefits. They sleep better, have more energy and lose weight. Restoring and balancing hormones also improves mood and libido, and relieves PMS, hot flashes, depression and anxiety. It improves memory and helps get rid of brain fog. Since more doctors are dabbling in bioidentical hormones and offering an array of options, we want to help give you the best information so that you can make an informed decision for your health. Many people ask "what's the best dosage form for bioidentical hormones?" While pellet therapy has recently become popular with some doctors, is it really the best way to take bioidentical hormones? We don't believe so, and here's why. Bioidentical Hormones Bioidentical hormones have the exact molecular structure as hormones produced by your body, so when you restore them, your body knows what to do with them. Just as a key fits perfectly into the right keyhole, bioidentical hormones do the same in your cells. Research shows that hormonal decline is associated with loss of body function and increase in disease. Studies demonstrate that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve sleep, fatigue, mood, cognitive function, bone mass, sexual function, muscle strength and body composition, and decrease inflammation. Methods of Bioidentical Hormone Delivery While there are several methods of delivering bioidentical hormones to your body, today we will focus on three and explain why we believe capsules and creams are superior to pellet hormone therapy. Capsules are able to deliver the exact dose that is prescribed by your doctor. You don't have to rely on a "one size fits all" pill you can take the dose that is needed for your particular health needs and symptoms. Capsules allow your doctor to individualize your dose and also make it easy to adjust your dose as you work with your doctor to find the right dose to alleviate your symptoms. With capsules, you can administer a higher dose than with creams. Our doctors have experienced a lot of success with dispensing the bioidentical hormones in oral capsules. They have been pleased with the consistency of results and compliance that capsules allow, while our patients find them convenient and effective. Creams, which deliver the hormones directly into your blood stream through your skin, may allow for lower absorption of hormones than capsules. Absorption depends upon time of year (humid or dry) and condition of your skin (hydrated, dry, irritated). All body sites are not as equally permeable. Application sites for the cream must be rotated, for instance, absorption could be different between the inner arm and inner thigh. The higher the dose you need, the more cream you have to apply to your body. So if you are needing a higher dose, then capsules may be the best fit for you. Capsules vs. Creams Choosing between capsules and creams depends on a few factors: a) the dose needed, b) the patient's preference, and c) what works best. For those patients who have experience with bioidentical hormones in both capsu